Stroke and Turn Clinics

Sea Lion Parents!

Please consider attending one of the Stroke and Turn clinics so that you can volunteer at the summer league meets this summer. There are 4 sessions, you only need to attend 1 to be qualified. There are 3 clinics prior to our first swim meet this season. We will need a minimum of 2 stroke judges per meet. If we can get 4 per meet to volunteer then each judge will only have to work half of the meet. Even if you are not sure but can attend a session please try to do so that way you will have the option to stroke judge this season. Stroke and Turn Clinics: 

Tuesday, May 22nd 7:00pm @ Forsyth Country Club 

Thursday, May 24th 7:00pm @ Bermuda Run 

Saturday, June 2nd 10:00am @ Greenbrier Farms 

Thursday, June 7th 7:00pm @ Old Town Club

Please RSVP if you attend a session or plan to attend so we will have a list of stroke and turn judges.
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